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It was my Thesis Project that was presented at NTUT Department of Interaction Design 104th Project Design Exhibition. The group was formed by two Taiwanese students and two Chinese students. It was an experimental and interesting art installation that would like to make conversation with audiences about Taiwan's recent social issues through AR technology.


Sep 2018 - Jun 2019


UI / UX, Graphic Design, Project Planning



2018 might be the year that Taiwanese cared about social issues the most because of the referenda. Inspired by the event, we found that Taiwanese like to debate everything on the Internet, especially on the social media platform. We also discovered some interesting behaviors would come out when people had different opinions and the fighting on the internet. In this era that information overload, how people react to it is also an important point in the concept.


We made OVERLOAD to express these kinds of phenomenon. We hope to inspire deep thinking that whether the argument is thoughtless or not, neglecting to communicate.

World View

In this world we built, the giant sphere represented the platform that the information was gathered and sent. It consisted of thoughts from the audiences using smartphones to exchange messages with each other. Each time the sphere would raise up one issue. If messages of an issue are overloaded by audiences, it would explode and update a new issue to start again.

The Social Issues 

We choose some issues which people have argued up to now in Taiwan. 

  • Same-sex marriage

Does everyone have the right to marry her or his partner legally?

  • Electricity generation

Which one is better for Taiwan, nuclear power or renewable energy?

  • Car rentals

Should the Taiwanese government protect Taxi or Uber at first during not reaching an agreement?

  • Foodimals

Do you know that eating shawarmas makes pairs of shawarmas' legs be cut?

  • Rich Kaohsiung

Does Kaohsiung become rich?

We don't choose sides. We only raise up questions. Therefore, the result was depended on the audiences. The issues could be updated over time.

Visual Design

  • UI Guideline

  • 2D / 3D Visual Elements

  • Website Design

Flow Chart

UI Flow


Interface Design

AR Display

AR Demo

Experiencing & playing on site

It could be played both as a single-player and multiplayer game because we had set up a server. Two phones were synchronous and displayed in real-time when it was presented in the exhibition.

Installation Design

Installation Demo

On-site Installation


Photos of NTUT 104th Project Design Exhibition at Songshan Cultural Park

We changed the issues every single day, so the audiences who came in different days experienced different topics.

Photos of VISION GET WILD AWARD at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center

Behind the Scenes


NTUT 104th Project Design Exhibition

Teammates/鄒粸畇 Chi-Yun Tsou, 韓彧 Yu Han, 吳宇昆 Yu-Kun Wu

Director/ 楊佳璋 Martin Yang 


Photos/ 噗通 - 臺北科技大學互動設計系 104級畢業展  FB


Platform/ Unity, ARKit 2

Visual Design/ Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, 3Ds Max

Interface Design/ Sketch, Adobe XD

Server/ Phonton

Device/ iOs devices